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FEED: The Last Supper


Alice walks alone in the desert, her dress buffeted by the hot winds. In a daze she stumbles into an old stone shack somewhere in the American Southwest. Is it a portal to another time or a peyote induced vision? We may never be sure, but Alice becomes both the star subject and the solitary audience of a dirty, debaucherous, and dangerous party of sexual deviance.

She is fucked, tortured, devoured, and transported in an otherworldly carnival of carnal delights conducted by the Maestra Surgeon who we suspect may be controlling this whole mirage.

Acrobats blend with lesbian gang bangs, one virgin pussy, suspension bondage, percussion play, nipple piercing, and a cake covered ass dropped in a punchbowl…And Alice’s dizzying dream becomes a punishing fantasy of epic proportions.

The film stars a huge cast of circus performers, sex activists, artists, actors, and real life queer lovers.  Shot on location in the American Southwest, FEED is centered around one woman’s experience at the hands of a stylized sex carnival of kink, beauty, and carnal delight.

FEED: The Last Supper
A Maria Beatty film
USA, 2017, color
Duration: 72 mins.
Produced by Maria Beatty and Surgeon
Starring: Surgeon, AP, Jessie Sparkles and Jane Doe
Director of Photography: Nickel Dakota
Creative/Director/Casting/Production Design: Surgeon
Set Design: Big Papa and S. Madrid

Special Thanks
Our local and international queer community, without whom there would be no film. All the loving pervs in the world who loyally purchase our work and support future films.

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