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Lilith, the she-demon, the first woman is being reborn to destroy the patriarchy and to bring a new era.

They say women are the seducers of all that’s evil, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

As Lilith is the element of the individuating feminine ego that can only develop in the wilderness, Goddesses in all forms flock back to Mother Earth, to the desert, where it all started. In harmony, women celebrate their femininity, menstruation, and their cycles Earthly Lilith was sent by Astral Lilith to call upon women all over the world to tell us to take back the power, to break free from the age of male/cis supremacy.

Lilith wails out all the pain, rejection and the lashings by God that women had to endure.  And now Lilith is going to get her kicks before she burns it all down.

Lilith Rising
a Maria Beatty film
USA, a work-in-progress
Produced and Directed by: Maria Beatty
Starring: Surgeon, MarteSaroja, Rà Nikolaidis, Ruby Star, Juliana Piccillo, Jessie Sparkles and Athena Minerva
Written by Maria Beatty and Surgeon
Director of Photography: Jessie Sparkles
Editor: Maria Beatty and Clémentine Gillieron
Camera: Jessie Sparkles and Maria Beatty
HMUA, Costumes and Styling: Rà Nikolaidis
Lighting Design: Dante Celeiro / Fluxx Productions
Assistant Lighting Design: Rachel Marie Castillo
Set Design: Laura Eliason and Victor Valencia
Production Assistant: Domina Vontana
Still Photography: Emily Gray and Rachel Marie Castillo
Location: The Island In Tucson

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