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Sex Mannequin


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Passionate, Tender and Rough- Lesbian BDSM as never seen before.
Somewhere in a forbidden loft space, her dream female sex mannequin comes alive as the stunning and intense London, there to passionately serve the breathtaking Dylan in a variety of naughty queer femme kink.

Beautiful and elegantly shot with striking extreme close-ups caressing the skin giving the sense that one can touch, smell and taste the flesh. The chemistry is real, extreme and the women are drop dead gorgeous.

Sex Mannequin
A Maria Beatty film
USA, 2007, color
Duration: 48 mins.
Starring: London and Dylan Ryan
Director of Photography: Dave Davies
Assistant Director/Line Producer: Michelle Aston
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*Honorable Mention – The Berlin Erotic Film Festival 2007
*Best BDSM Film, AEBN VOD Awards 2007