Imagine a kinky Louise Brooks, a sadistic Marlene Dietrich (who’s the Top?)…

The mysterious world of the senses that Maria inhabits is one of complete surrender to the wills and whims of the hypnotically intense Morgana, and the exotic, ambiguous creature, TV Sabrina.

The brooding aura of total sexual abandon is present in every gesture, every slap & caress in this theatre of passion. The flame of the candle that illuminates and torments, reveals the wondrous form of the willing submissive, whose haunting wide eyes and full moist parted lips recall the classic silent screen goddesses Pola Negri, Louise Brooks … but they never dared reveal themselves so totally, so openly to the camera’s eager and demanding gaze.

This visionary noir exercise examines and crosses the boundaries of dominance and submission in its artful escalation of pleasure & pain, bondage & menace, fetishism & female worship; culminating in the hot wax ritual… as Maria writhes in ecstasy.

The Black Glove
a Maria Beatty film
USA, 1996, b&w
Duration: 30 mins.
Starring: Maria Beatty & Morgana
Original Music by John Zorn
Director of Photography: Ethan Mass

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